Crucial pointers for the ideal article description

January 24, 2021 5 minutes

1. Consider your clients

It’s likely that you already know who is purchasing from you. That matters a lot to a trader. Definitely make advantage of this information when composing the item descriptions. Always keep the right client segment in mind when writing an article description. Furthermore, constantly asking yourself, “What does my buyer expect from the description?”

It’s also a good idea to ask yourself the following questions before you begin writing:

Which language should you use: formal or informal?
Can you add a humorous passage, or should you stick to the facts?
Which should be highlighted for your customer: the price or the quality?
What inquiries might a buyer have regarding the product?

2. Describe the issues your product resolves
There are a lot of online offers, particularly for technical products, that come with extensive specification tables. It is frequently forgotten that technical excellence is not a justification for purchasing. A game console is purchased because it can play games well, not because it has a lot of processing power. You buy a car because of its ability to drive sportily, not because it has a lot of horsepower.

Therefore, you should always begin by succinctly outlining the actual advantages of your product that users would enjoy. Be careful not to use terms like “excellent quality” or such generalizations. In any case,

Be careful not to use terms like “excellent quality” or such generalizations. After all, that is what every product vendor says about their goods. Instead, emphasize a benefit and how using the product feels. Instead of using “excellent quality,” you might write “comfortable to wear” for an item of apparel, for instance.

3. Relate a tale
Some articles contain a fascinating backstory. Inform your clients in the item description whether you sell wine that is still made by hand or a product that is still made using traditional methods. Because of the background tale, you emotionally charge your offer. Although you can’t compose a tale like this for every post, you should surely do so if you get the chance.

4. Short VS detailed descriptions
The item description on the modern Internet is broken up into various components rather than being one big block of text. The “long” article description and the brief description are the two most crucial components. The “long” description can go into interesting details, but the “short” description—which is frequently directly next to the image gallery—must give a concise summary of the article’s key points.

The use of bullet points, which condense the most important details about the product, is ideal here. These components also compel the viewer’s attention automatically. As a result, the information that is pertinent for the majority of potential customers should be listed here in an incredibly succinct manner.

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