individual appearances on eBay

January 24, 2021

individual appearances on eBay

Individual article design or a common template?
You are constantly faced with a difficult choice when selecting an eBay template: should you choose for a cheap basic template or do you spend money on a custom design? Digital Space wants to assist you in making a choice.

An illustration from the portfolio of Digital Space
We’d like to start by providing you with a current illustration of a certain template from our collection. As a specialist trader, the customer sells shipping containers on eBay. For him, we put the upcoming design into practice.

Your benefits from using a unique template
The benefits of using a unique eBay article template are numerous. With the help of the illustration template, we can clarify the most crucial one:

Perfectly present product details

Each item’s product information is organized differently. Size charts are typically required for clothing, ingredient lists are required for groceries, and performance data is required for technical products.

Including this data in a standardized template is not always simple. Contrarily, such data forms the foundation of a unique template. The customer gets the information in an easy-to-understand manner in this way. Our example’s chilled container features and dimensions illustrate what such a carefully thought-out information and data presentation

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